908667303 Hyundai HCE SHIM(0.26-0.34T)

908667303 SHIM(0.26-0.34T) Hyundai HCE

Buy Hyundai HCE SHIM(0.26-0.34T) 908667303 genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery
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908667303 : SHIM FOR YALE

21 May 2021

US: # 1 Quality Parts
908667303 : SHIM FOR YALE
Parts Express YALE || All Brand new & rebuilt items comes with 1 year warranty. || SHIM FOR YALE CATEGORY FORKLIFT PARTS. THIS PART IS ALSO LISTED UNDER THE FOLLOWING PART NUMBERS:  908667303 YT 908667303 YALE 908667303 YALE908667303 908667303  COMES WITH 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.
Number on catalog scheme: 62

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Parts shim Hyundai HCE:

31FE-70230 SHIM
35B-7, 35D-9, 35D-9A, 35D-9K, 35D-9S, 35DE, 35DS-7, 35DS-7E, 35L, 35L-7A, 40B-9, HDF35-3, HDF50-3
F13410050 SHIM(0.5T)
35B-7, 35D-7, 35DS-7, 40B-9, HDF35-3, HDF35A-2
61F7-18120 SHIM(1.0T)
35B-7, 35D-7, 35D-9, 35D-9A, 35D-9K, 35D-9S, 35DE, 35DS-7, 35DS-7E, 35L, 35L-7A, 40B-9, DX20, HDF35-3
FAD0500140 SHIM(0.2T)
35D-7, 35DS-7, HDF35-3, HDF35A, HDF35A-2
F13410040 SHIM(1.0T)
35D-7, 35DS-7, HDF35-3, HDF35A-2
216220 SHIM
HBF15-3, HDF35-3
52713 SHIM
HDF35-3, HDF35A-2, HDF50A, HDF80-3, HL740TM-3, HL740TM-3A, HL740TM-7
0730-107-230 SHIM(0.90T)
HDF50-3, HDF80-3, HL720-3, HL720-3C
0730-107-231 SHIM(0.95T)
HDF50-3, HDF80-3, HL720-3, HL720-3C, HL770-3, HL770-3ATM
0730-103-063 SHIM(1.00T)
HDF50-3, HDF80-3, HL720-3, HL720-3C
0730-107-232 SHIM(1.05T)
HDF50-3, HDF80-3, HL720-3, HL720-3C
0730-103-062 SHIM(1.10T)
HDF50-3, HDF80-3, HL720-3, HL720-3C
0730-107-233 SHIM(1.15T)
HDF50-3, HDF80-3, HL720-3, HL720-3C
0730-103-061 SHIM(1.20T)
HDF50-3, HDF80-3, HL720-3, HL720-3C
0730-106-638 SHIM(1.25T)
HDF50-3, HDF80-3, HL720-3, HL720-3C
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