000712 Hyundai HCE RING-BACK UP

000712 RING-BACK UP Hyundai HCE

Buy Hyundai HCE RING-BACK UP 000712 genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery
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23 Aug 2020
15.2559885304[6.75] Pound
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AUTOMUTO A/C Compressor fit for 1999-2001 Volkswagen Beetle Golf Jetta 1.8L 1.9L 2.0L Compatible with CO 1206JC Auto Repair Compressors Assembly
♦FITMENT♦CO1206JC,121206,C675,C675R,10000552,10000688,000712,1521030,1J0820805,10343670,10347791,101206,111206,637554,4717003,67505,68505 ac compressor compatible with 1999-2001 Volkswagen Beetle Golf Jetta || ♦LENGTHEN THE LIFE OF AN A/C COMPRESSOR♦ Since the A/C compressor is quite pricey, you need to do what you can to make sure it lasts as long as it can. To do so, you should regularly clean and change the air filter of your automobile. See to it that the filter you get is the right size, so it can fit perfectly in the intake vent. Air filters usually need to be replaced after 12 months or 12,000 miles. || ♦ADVANTAGES♦ A/C compressor with Clutch are able to reduce fuel consumption, good cooling a, fast heat dissipation and easy to install. || ♦MALFUNCTION♦ Air conditioning doesn't refrigerate or poor refrigeration; loud Noises When the Compressor is Running; frosting under low-pressure; abnormal heating of compressor. If you hear squeaking or squealing sounds from the compressor or notice that your air conditioning isn’t blowing cold, check your A/C compressor. You may also be low on refrigerant, or the clutch may not be engaging as it should. We carry A/C compressors for most cars, trucks, and SUVs. || ♦CUSTOMER SERVICE♦ We take responsibility for our products and services. 1 year warranty for all AUTOMUTO a/c compressor with clutch, which brings you an intimate after-sales service

30 Jul 2021
15.2559[6.87] Pounds
ECCPP A/C Compressor for 1999 2000 2001 for VW Beetle Jetta Golf 1.8L 1.9L 2.0L CO 1206JC
ECCPP AC COMPRESSOR PUMP FIT - 1999-2000 for VW Beetle 1.8L, 1998-2000 for VW Beetle 1.9L, 1998-2000 for VW Beetle 2.0L, 1999-2001 for VW Golf 1.8L, 1999-2001 for VW Golf 1.9L, 1999-2001 for VW Golf 2.0L, 1999-2001 for VW Golf 2.8L, 1999-2000 for VW Jetta 1.8L, 1999-2000 for VW Jetta 1.9L, 1999-2000 for VW Jetta 2.0L || AIR CONDITIONING COMPRESSOR INTERCHANGE PART NUMBER - CO 1206JC,121206,C675,C675R,10000552,10000688,000712,1521030,1J0820805,10343670,10347791,101206,111206,637554,4717003,67505,68505,77554,78554,5511640,6511640,7511640,254408,TEM254408,2001206,143659 || IMPORTANT NOTE - Please clean The cooling system pipe of the your car ,Before installing the compressor, If the cooling system pipe stuck,it will cause the compressor burn out due to the Large pressure.Flushing is the best way to get old oil and any solid contaminants when replacing any of the parts of an automotive air conditioner system. When a part fails, for example your A/C compressor, debris and possibly metal shavings may be present in the system. || AIR CONDITIONER COMPRESSOR SPECIFICS - 100% BRAND NEW, premium ISO/TS 16949 quality - tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications || WARRANTY - AC compressor with clutch comes with 1 Year warranty
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0630-502-047 RING-RETAINER
HDF50-3, HDF80-3, HL35C, HL770, HL770-3, HL770-3ATM, R130W, R130W3, R170W3, R200W2, R200W3
33HDLL, 42HDLL, H70, H80, HDF35A-2, HDF50A, HL17C, HL25C, HL720-3C, HL730-7, HL7303C, HL730TM3C, HL730TM7, HL740-3, HL740-3ATM, HL740-7S, HL740-9B, HL740-9S, HL740-9SB, HL740TM-3, HL740TM-3A, HL750, H...
33HDLL, H70, H80, HL17C, HL720-3C, HL7303C, HL730TM3C, HL740-3, HL740-3ATM, HL740TM-3, HL740TM-3A, HL750, HL750-3, HL750TM3, R130LC, R130LC3, R130W, R130W3, R140LC-7, R140LC9S, R140W7, R140W9S, R160LC...
Y190-099000 RING-SNAP
33HDLL, 42HDLL, HL760-9, HL760-9A, HL760-9AW, HL760-F, HW210, HX160L, HX180L, HX220L, HX220NL, HX235L, R160LC3, R160LC7, R160LC7A, R160LC9, R160LC9A, R160LC9S, R160W9A, R170W3, R170W7, R170W7A, R170W9...
R170W3, R170W7, R200W2, R200W3, R200W7
HDF50A, HL17C, HL750, R130LC, R130LC3, R130W, R200LC, R200W2
0630-502-032 RING-RETAINER
R130W, R130W3, R170W3, R200W2, R200W3
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