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27 Apr 2019
200 Hundredths Pounds
ToolUSA: ToolUSA
ToolUSA Sunguard 10-feet X 12-feet Black Sunshade Net: TSB-72012
100% High density polyethylene with UV stabilizer - 70-75% shade rate cut out harsh sunlight || Reinforced corners with double stitching for strength - sunshade gram weight - 65g/square || Aluminum grommets along the selvedge for convenient hanging - great for agriculture & greenhouse || Keeps you comfortable in warm weather - ideal for the summer time || Sunshade net lets the breeze come through, while reducing the heat

20 Feb 2021

-: -
Alternator - (12029) Compatible with FIAT 70-66 70-88 70-56 60-56 65-46 55-46 65-90 55-66 80-66 70-65 55-56 65-56 80-88 55-65 60-66 Same New Holland 4330V 4230 3010S Ford 4030 3830 4230 White 2-60
Fits FIAT Tractor(s) 55-46, 55-56, 55-65, 55-66, 60-56, 60-66, 60-75, 65-46, 65-56, 65-90, 70-56, 70-65, 70-66, 70-75, 70-88, 80-66, 80-75, 80-88 || Replaces FIAT OEM nos 4224325, 4257074, 4275283, 4373600, 4373601, 4474729, 4474752, 4998353, 5101645 || Compatible with Ford Tractor(s) 3830, 4030, 4230 || Compatible with New Holland Tractor(s) 3010S, 4230, 4330V || Compatible with New Holland OEM nos 9972269

19 Apr 2019

thepowerofplants: thepowerofplant
620mg Grappoli D'Inverno Cherry Tomato Seeds 160 Count Easy Minis Italian Import
You will receive a 620mg Packet of Tomato Seeds! (Approximately 160 Seeds) This semi-bush variety of cherry tomato that yields 30-35gram fruit (about 1-1.25ounces) is moderately tall and quite productive. The fruit are quite sweet and look like regular red cherry tomatoes on the slightly large side. || With its semi-bush habit it can grow in places that a massive climbing vine cannot. May also be grown in a pot. A favorite in any garden or patio. Great in a salad or as a snack. Determinate. Start tomatoes indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost of spring, sowing the seeds in a flat 1/4" deep and 1" apart. Keep the temperature at 70-75 degrees F until germination, as well as providing adequate light in a sunny window or under a grow light; keep the soil moist, but make sure drainage is adequa || . When the second set of leaves emerges, transplant the seedlings into individual pots; bury the stems up to the lowest set of leaves to grow strongly rooted plants. A week before planting the seedlings outside, begin exposing them to the weather during the day to harden them; tomatoes cannot endure cold weather, and should not be transplanted outside until all threat of frost has passed.
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100D-7, 10BOP-7, 110D-7A, 110D-7E, 110D-9, 110DE, 180D-9, 180DE, 250D-9, 250DE, HSL610, HSL650-7, HSL650-7A, HSL800-7, HSL810, HSL850-7A
23871-010000 PLUG PT1/8-SCREW
HBF15-3, HSL610, R55-3, R55W-3
171051-01921 Hyundai
171051-01921 PLUG
HDF20-5, HSL610, HSL810, R35Z9A, R55-3, R55W-3
27241-300000 Hyundai
27241-300000 PLUG 30
HDF20-5, HSL610, HSL810, R35Z9A, R55-3, R55W-3
23871-030000 PLUG PT3/8-SCREW
HSL610, HSL810, R55-3, R55W-3
27241-100000 PLUG
HSL610, HSL810, R55-3, R55W-3
27241-100000 PLUG
HSL610, HSL810, R55-3, R55W-3
23871-030000 PLUG PT3/8-SCREW
HSL610, HSL810, R55-3, R55W-3
HSL400T, HSL680T, HSL800T, HSL960T, R25Z-9AK, R25Z-9AKCA, R25Z-9AKNH
31S1-1050 PLUG
HSL610, HSL810
81S1-2015 PLUG-HEX
HSL600, HSL610, HSL650-7, HSL650-7A, HSL800-7, HSL810, HSL850-7A
12S4-20140 PLUG-HEX
15D, HSL650-7, HSL650-7A, HSL800-7, HSL850-7A
P220-310104 PLUG-HEX
HSL650-7, HSL650-7A, HSL800-7, HSL850-7A
9005110-9000 PLUG
HSL650-7, HSL800-7, HSL810
9005100-5600 PLUG
HSL650-7, HSL800-7, HSL810
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